Windows 7 Gadgets

Windows 7 has been accepted world-wide for its advanced use of Windows gadgets. These gadgets can do more than just displaying the weather and time on your computer screen. Some gadgets have features including monitoring the performance of the system and tracking the usage of CPU. These gadgets are freely available on the internet for download. Here we are listing some useful sidebar gadgets that add fun to your computer.I Forgot the MilkOne of the best gadgets available for Windows 7. These help you to manage the task and are supported by a web application that helps you to manage the tasks and customize them.Xirrus Wi-Fi Monitor GadgetThis gadget helps you to check on the internet connection, coverage and other things in a user friendly interface.TwadgetThose who are interested in social networking like twitter would find this gadget as super cool as it allows you to send and receive tweets right on your desktop.FB Explorerthis is exclusively for face book users to check on your latest updates and other activities with a simple interface.All CPU MeterMonitor the CPU usage by the system and customize the background of your gadget that matches to the theme of your computer.Battery MeterExclusive for Windows 7 users. It displays the percentage of battery life of your laptop.App Launcher GadgetA substitute for the quick launch tool bar in Windows 7 and can be customized by adding programs to the tool bar.Impressed? Download all the latest gadgets available for Windows 7 and experience the new world in your computer.

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